Subtle Shea Butter Lotion Recipe


Shea butter lotion has so many great benefits for your skin such as deep moisturization, fighting signs of aging, etc. With a magnitude of options available in the market especially at the drugstore like Dove’s Shea butter lotion or Palmer’s Shea butter lotion, the choice sometimes becomes difficult.

Therefore, we recommend that you make your own 100% natural Shea butter lotion at home, to not only give you a bang for your buck but to also be satisfied with the purity and organic nature of the lotion that you're putting on your skin.

Benefits of Using Shea Butter Lotion

Let us look at some of the notable benefits of using Shea butter lotion, as a part of your skincare routine.


Shea butter lotion has amazing moisturizing properties. This is mainly due to the presence of different fatty acids in it. Not only this, but the use of Shea butter lotion also helps tackle skin dryness and patchiness. It is also safe to use as a facial as well as a body moisturizer, especially in winters.

Repairing Skin’s Barrier

The presence of vitamin E and vitamin F along with different fatty acids like Linoleic acid, give Shea butter lotion its skin repairing properties. Regular use of Shea butter lotion as a body and facial moisturizer helps in repairing the skin's moisture barrier and preventing hydration loss.

Anti-Aging Properties

Shea butter lotion is naturally rich in vitamin A. Vitamin A is known to be an anti-aging agent in the skincare industry. Not only that, but vitamin A also helps fight skin damage caused due to different environmental stressors.

How to Make Shea Butter Lotion? subtle shea butter lotion

Now that we know about the different benefits of using Shea butter lotion, let's look at a DIY Shea butter lotion recipe that you can easily make at home, and enjoy the real benefits of 100% pure and organic Shea butter lotion.

Subtle and unscented – but with a powerful impact on your skin. 

Give this DIY Subtle Shea Butter Lotion a try!  It’s amazing



  • Put Baraka Shea Butter, Jojoba and Coconut oil into a heat-safe glass bowl or jar and mix together.
  • Place the glass bowl in a saucepan filled with water.
  • Heat on medium and continue mixing until they are melted and mixed
  • Once melted remove from heat and let cool (You can put it in the fridge to cool faster if you want)
  • When it is cooled you can place it in a container

Tools Needed 

Double Boiler, Glass Bowl, Wooden Spatula, Hand Whisk or Beater, Pump Bottle or Mason Jar (for storage)



  1. On a low medium heat, put all your ingredients in the double boiler except the essential oil.
  2. Slowly keep on stirring the ingredients with the wooden spatula till they have completely melted.
  3. Once melted, turn off the flame and let it cool for 5 minutes.
  4. Once it has cooled down, transfer it to a glass bowl and let it chill in the refrigerator for another 10 minutes.
  5. Take it out of the refrigerator after 10 minutes and whip the lotion with the hand whisk or beater, till you achieve the desired consistency.
  6. You can add your optional essential oil at this point.
  7. Once you have achieved the desired consistency and texture via whipping, transfer the Shea butter lotion into a mason jar or a pump bottle, for easy dispensing.
  8. This homemade Shea butter lotion can be used for up to 8 months when stored properly in a cool and dry place away from sunlight.

Product Details

This DIY raw Shea butter lotion recipe yields about 250 grams worth of product. The product has a silky and smooth texture which makes it ideal for application on the body and face.

Depending on the quality of the Shea butter used, the lotion would have ivory or pale yellow color. Always shake your product first before dispensing it for use.

Enjoy Glowing Skin by Using Shea Butter Lotion

Due to the presence of vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin F, and other antioxidants in Shea butter lotion, it imparts a natural glow to the skin right after application. With regular use, this glow becomes a permanent feature of your skin, along with a healthy and youthful look and supple and plump texture. We recommend that you make this natural Shea butter lotion a part of your skincare routine in the following manner.

  1. Use this Shea butter lotion as a full body moisturizer, right after you have taken a bath. Ensure to use this product twice daily in winters to guarantee optimum hydration.
  2. For the face, wash your face with lukewarm water and pat dry. After which take a small amount of the Shea butter lotion and massage it on your face and neck in circular and upward motions till absorbed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Shea Butter Lotion Good For?

Shea butter lotion is good for imparting a natural glow to the skin along with moisturizing it.

Is Shea Butter Better Than Lotion?

Raw Shea butter is slightly difficult to use at room temperature hence the use of Shea butter lotion is preferred.

Which Shea Butter Lotion Is Best?

A homemade Shea butter lotion as presented in this recipe is the best form of Shea butter lotion that you can use.

Can Shea Butter Damage Your Skin?

Shea butter is a 100% natural and organic ingredient, but we would still recommend that you conduct a patch test before using it on your skin.

Does Shea Butter Lighten the Skin?

The presence of vitamin E in Shea butter helps in cell renewal that results in a natural glow and brighter skin.

Does Shea Butter Remove Dark Spots?

It helps reduce dark spots caused by the sun by repairing environmental damage and increasing epidermal cell turnover along with collagen production.

Which Is the Best Body Lotion or Body Butter?

Depending on the needs of the individual, both Shea butter body lotion and Shea body butter are good for skincare use.

Which Body Lotion Is Best for Glowing Skin?

To achieve glowing skin, incorporate the use of Shea butter lotion in your skincare regime.

The use of natural Shea butter lotion is not only beneficial for your skin, but it is also a cost-effective way to enjoy the benefits and luxury of organic skincare right at your home.


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