Pure, unrefined, hand-made, certified Fair Trade Baraka Shea Butter (Organic & Non-Organic)
Pure, unrefined, hand-made, certified Fair Trade Baraka Shea Butter (Organic & Non-Organic)
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Certified Organic and Fair Trade
Certified Fair Trade

Baraka Shea Butter: from our hands to yours

Shea Fruit

Shea fruit is so delicious – and so delicate you can only get it where it grows. Incredibly tasty and sweet it is only available late April to early May. When in season you see the fruit everywhere

Gathering & Drying

Shea fruit grows wild in the savannah and most simply drops from the tree and is eaten and absorbed back into nature, leaving behind the pit (like the pit of a peach). Women pick these from under the shea trees and they are brought home and dried in the hot African sun.

Separating the Shelling

After the pits are dried the shell is cracked to get at the shea seed. With Baraka Shea Butter this process is all done by hand, generally by elders.The shea nuts are then stored until the women are ready to process them into Baraka Shea Butter. The husks are saved and used as fuel for cooking fires.


Traditionally done by hand with a group of women and a large mortar and pestle setup. It was grueling work and took a long time and limited the amount of shea butter they could make. We worked together and have set up a grinding mill where the women grind the nuts into a mixture that is ready for the next step.


Then heated over a wood fire to release the oils and fats that will turn into Baraka Shea Butter. The women used their Fair Trade Premium along with a top-up from Baraka to purchase roaster that let them sit back from the fire and rotate the roaster, creating the same effect as the stirring, but with less work and much less danger.

Grinding again

Crushed and roasted shea seeds are taken back to the grinding mill where they are ground again. This grinding releases the oils and fats. It is amazing to watch as a coarse, dry roasted mixture is put into the grinder and a thick brown, viscous liquid comes out.

Separating, Cooking
and Purifying

This brown, viscous liquid is then hand whipped with small amounts of water added as the process advances.Eventually the oils start to come together to form basic, raw shea butter. The clumps of raw shea are then put into a pot and cooked over a fire to get rid of water(as steam) and impurities(rise to the top and are skimmed off).

Nothing is wasted

The shells that protect the seeds are used for cooking fires.The residue that is left behind after the shea nuts are whipped and the butter removed is carefully dried, made into balls and used for cooking.The impurities that are skimmed off the top is used to make an amazing black soap or used as fuel for lanterns.

Joy & Community

The final product is amazing. It is packed into cartons, carefully weighed and sealed and shipped.The women and families take a lot of pride in their work and they love to celebrate as they work and as they are paid for their production.

Our support for the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Baraka Shea Butter actively supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the planet’s development framework. Our business is organized and our impact optimized around supporting and promoting the SDGs. For information on how you can support the SDGs please contact Wayne (email). He teaches, lectures and consults on this globally.

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