Shea Butter Sugar Scrub Recipe (DIY Scrub)


Do you suffer from dry skin even in summers or are annoyed with razor bumps and strawberry legs? Then Shea Butter Sugar Scrub is the answer to all your skin troubles. With the moisturizing properties of shea butter combined with super exfoliation offered by sugar, silky smooth skin is just one application away.

Shea butter scrubs, especially shea butter sugar scrub made with brown sugar, help get rid of dead skin cells and impart a smooth and luxurious feel to your skin. Especially in summers when razor bumps and strawberry legs become an issue, Shea butter scrub will give you summer-perfect arms and legs.

Whipped Shea butter sugar scrub should be essential in your skincare regime for winters alike. In winters, our skin gets parched due to a loss of hydration.

This is where the healing and moisturizing properties of Shea butter come in. Combine these with your sugar of choice, and the Shea butter sugar scrub becomes an ultimate spa experience, especially in winters.


What Is Shea Butter Body Scrub?

Shea butter body scrub is a natural exfoliant made for the body. It harnesses raw Shea butter's healing and hydrating properties and combines it with a natural exfoliant like sugar. Not only is the product 100% organic in nature, but it is also easy to incorporate into your skincare routine.

what is shea sugar scrub

You must wonder how Shea butter body scrub is better than any other sugar-based scrub readily available in the market. The Shea butter sugar scrub has a two-in-one action due to the ingredients' pure and organic nature.

It not only exfoliates but moisturizes at the same time. You're also enjoying the different skincare benefits of Shea butter, such as hydrated and plump skin with a natural glow. All these benefits cannot come together in commercially produced oil-based scrubs available at your drugstore.

Commercially prepared body scrubs not only contain harmful additives and preservatives but are also full of artificial fragrances. They can not only clog the skin but also irritate it, taking away the real essence of using a body scrub.


Recipe: Shea Butter Sugar Scrub

Let's look at a tried and tested homemade DIY recipe for whipped Shea butter sugar scrub. This recipe gives the most fluffy and creamy whipped Shea butter sugar scrub that can be enjoyed all year long.

Not only that, but it is also easy to make at home and uses all-natural and organic ingredients. Thus, making it safe for different skin types.


  • 1/2 Cup Baraka Shea Butter
  • ¼ Cup Baraka Coconut Oil
  • 25 ml Pure Almond Oil
  • 20 drops Natural Vanilla Extract
  • 1/3 Cup Natural Brown Sugar
  • 30 grams White Granulated Sugar
  • 10 drops of Vitamin E


Double Boiler (if needed), Glass Bowl, Hand Whisk, Electric Beater, Plastic Tub or Mason Jar, Wooden Spoon or Stirrer 


  1. Carefully measure all your ingredients and arrange them in an accessible way.
  2. Now place your Shea butter and coconut oil in a glass bowl.
  3. Suppose the texture seems a bit hard especially given the temperature in winters. In that case, we need to use a double boiler. Check with the wooden spoon if the mixture can be quickly whipped together. If it is soft and handles easily, then skip to step 6 directly.
  4. On a double boiler, carefully melt your Shea butter and coconut oil together using low, medium heat.
  5. Once the Shea butter and coconut oil have melted enough and combined, take them off the stove and let them cool to a suitable temperature.
  6. Now start whisking your Shea butter and coconut oil mixture and add in your almond oil, natural vanilla extract, and vitamin E. Whip until desired consistency.
  7. The whipping step usually requires 7 to 10 minutes, depending on the quantity of the ingredients and the speed at which it is being beaten.
  8. Once you have reached the fluffy texture, slowly start adding in your brown sugar and your white sugar. Mix gently with a wooden spoon. Do not whip, or the sugar will dissolve.
  9. Ensure that the sugars become one with the whipped butter mixture.
  10. Be careful not to overbeat the mixture; otherwise, it will split and lose its fluffy texture. Do not whip after adding the sugars.
  11. Once it's ready, transfer it in a Mason jar or an airtight plastic tub for storage.
  12. Keep the whipped Shea butter sugar scrub away from direct sunlight and high temperatures. Store it in a dry place away from moisture.
  13. When stored properly, this Shea butter sugar scrub has a shelf life of six months.


Shea Butter Sugar Scrub can be used in the following different ways.

  1. Apply it on damp skin in the shower and rub in a circular motion. Then wash it off with lukewarm water.
  2. Use it after cleansing your skin with body wash. Focus on knees, elbows, and knuckles to reveal bright and smooth skin.
  3. Use it as a part of your pedicure routine. Its exfoliating properties will help get rid of dead and callused skin, especially around the heels.
  4. Soak your hands in warm water, and then scrub your cuticles and fingers with Shea Butter Scrub to enjoy a luxurious manicure.
  5. Use once a week on skin folds around the neck to get rid of suntan and dead skin cells. Do not use it on the face.


Difference between Shea Butter Sugar Scrub and Shea Butter Body Scrub

Shea butter sugar scrub uses brown sugar or granulated white sugar as an exfoliating medium. Whereas when it comes to Shea butter scrubs, certain salts and even at times crushed walnut shells are used to give it the scrubbing action.

Difference between Shea Butter Sugar Scrub and Shea Butter Body Scrub

The use of sugar is gentle on the skin, and it's safe as well. When used as exfoliators in the scrub, certain salts dry out the skin. While crushed walnut shells or apricot kernels are too harsh on the skin and can cause micro-tears.

Therefore, when wanting to benefit from the properties of Shea butter in a scrub, prefer whipped Shea butter sugar scrub over other variants of Shea butter body scrub.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Use Shea Butter in Sugar Scrubs?

Yes. You can definitely use Shea butter in sugar scrubs. The addition of Shea butter in sugar scrubs impart a moisturizing property to these scrubs and make them easier to use.

What Is Shea Sugar Scrub Good For?

Shea sugar scrub is good for getting rid of dry and flaky skin and removing dead skin cells from the skin surface. While exfoliating, it also adds moisture and hydration to the skin, thus making it suitable for all weathers.

How Do You Make Sugar Scrub with Shea Butter?

To make a sugar scrub with Shea butter, you need to combine these ingredients and whip them together to achieve the best results. You can follow the whipped Shea butter sugar scrub recipe mentioned above.

Is Shea Sugar Scrub Good for Your Skin?

Shea sugar scrub is good for your body's skin as it helps get rid of dead skin cells and reveals brighter and smoother skin. But it cannot be used on the face, and hence its use should only be limited to body skin.

How Do I Make a Sugar Scrub Thicker?

To make a sugar scrub thicker, you can increase the amount of Shea butter in the recipe. This will give it a thicker consistency.

How Can I Make My Body Scrub Thicker?

Body scrubs can be made thicker by adding emollients such as Shea butter or cocoa butter.

What Consistency Should Sugar Scrubs Be?

Sugar scrubs should have a fluffy consistency that is still spreadable and can be applied to the skin.

What Is a Whipped Sugar Scrub?

A whipped sugar scrub is where the added butter or emollient has been beaten to give a fluffy and creamy texture.

Closing Remarks

Shea butter sugar scrub is easy to make and has a dozen of skincare benefits. To ensure the maximum efficacy of the product, make it using 100% pure and organic ingredients. Also, before using it as a part of your bathing routine, do not forget to do a patch test. 

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