Coconut Oil & Sea Salt Soap


Baraka offers coconut oil that is of the highest quality. Coconut Oil provides an extra punch of cleansing and can be moisturizing at the same time in handmade soap.

What makes this bar so special? Virgin Coconut oil has a distinct smell that is naturally intoxicating while at the same time beneficial to the skin.

What can you use it for? The addition of Sea Salt makes this an excellent bar for exfoliation.

Why should you totally try this? In the winter months the skin can become scaly and dry. The Coconut Oil and Sea Salt soap is a natural exfoliating bar that gently cleanses and exfoliates to reveal smooth skin.


  1. Distilled Water: 163 grams
  2. Sodium Hydroxide: 62 grams
  3. Coconut Oil: 454 grams (16 Ounces)
  4. Pink Himalayan Sea Salt: 8 Ounces
  5. Love Spell Fragrance Oil: 1 Ounce
  6. 3 Teaspoons of French Green Clay

Baraka Recipe

  1. Put on your safety gear.
  2. Measure all ingredients.
  3. Pour your sodium hydroxide into the distilled water and mix completely to make a lye solution, Add the 3 teaspoons of French green clay and mix well.
  4. Pour the lye solution into the measured coconut oil and blend well.
  5. Add the Pink Himalayan sea salt and fragrance oil.
  6. Pour into single cavity molds and allow to sit overnight.
  7. Remove from mold and allow to cure for 4 weeks.
  8. Enjoy

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