Where to Buy Coconut Oil (Baraka Sources from Africa)


In recent times coconut oil has gained considerable popularity for its health benefits and different uses apart from just being a possible cooking oil option. Coconut oil is basically extracted from the fleshy white part of the kernel of the coconut palm tree.

The kernel is also known as the fruit of the coconut palm tree, and it is enjoyed just by itself as well as a fruit. It is used in both dry and fresh forms in different cuisines as well and is also the source of coconut milk.

Where to Buy Coconut Oil From

Let us now look at the possible options from which we can source coconut oil, keeping in mind the purity and organic nature of the product as well.

1- Buy Coconut Oil from Baraka Store 

Baraka offers coconut oil in two different varieties. One is the traditional coconut oil and the other is the cold-pressed coconut oil. Baraka does not only guarantee the purity and 100% organic nature of the product that they offer, but they also take great pride in the impact and contribution that their coconut oil is making in communities.

They source their coconut oil directly from Ghana in western Africa, exclusively from farms with families and women that depend on the coconut oil economy for their financial needs. Not only that, but every purchase from Baraka also helps in contributing towards the uplifting of the communities where these coconuts are grown, and their oil is sourced from.


Traditional Virgin Coconut Oil

Baraka’s Traditional Virgin Coconut Oil is exclusively extracted from hand-grown coconuts that are harvested from small farms in Ghana. These coconuts are transported to a safe and hygienic extraction facility, where pure virgin coconut oil is extracted from them. The technique used to derive coconut oil is a traditional method that has been passed on from generation to generation.

This method is used because it intensifies the flavor of the coconut oil and retains its nutty sweetness. Therefore, Baraka’s traditional virgin coconut oil is the preferred choice when using coconut oil in desserts, cooking, etc. where consumers want a pronounced coconut flavor.

With over 99% positive customer reviews, its users rave about its flavor and purity as well as how satisfied they feel that with their purchases they are helping the communities in Ghana. The traditional virgin coconut oil is available in different weight variants starting from $10.34 for 250 grams and going up to 20 kilograms for $330.


Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil

Baraka’s Cold Pressed Coconut Oil is the other variant that is available with them in their coconut oil range. The coconuts used to extract this variety of coconut oil are also grown on small farms and after harvesting are transported to a processing facility.

This variety of coconut oil is extracted using a method that involves no heat, hence the name cold-pressed. Due to the use of this method, this type of coconut oil has a reduced scent and coconut flavor, which makes it suitable for use in cosmetics and skincare items. It is also available in different weight variants starting from 250 grams which are priced at $15.17.

With nearly 100% of customers recommending this oil to their friends, in reviews the customers talk about how well this product mixes with their skincare products and how easy it is to use with different oils.

2- Purchase Coconut Oil Online from Amazon

Another option from where you can procure your coconut oil is Amazon. Amazon has a plethora of options when it comes to coconut oil along with different price ranges. With nearly 500 product listings under coconut oil, the least expensive one comes at $4.5 for 250 grams, while the most luxurious coconut oil on offer is priced at $74.22 for 150 grams of the product.

The varieties being offered under different price ranges are organic, cold-pressed, virgin as well as extra-virgin, and refined. Different brands are also offering different packaging options. The delivery times range from anywhere between two days to over three weeks, all depending on your location and the shipping method that you choose.

3- Buy Coconut Oil at Walmart

Just like Amazon, Walmart also offers a variety of options to choose from when you're looking for coconut oil. These varieties are separated into cosmetic grade versus cooking grade coconut oil. The price range starts from around $4 and goes up to $63 for 250 grams of the product. Walmart offers coconut oil in different forms and dispensing options as well. You can procure coconut oil spray for your cooking needs or can get the product in a jar to incorporate into your skincare regime. Delivery times for products ordered from Walmart can range anywhere from same-day delivery to up to seven days.

4- Get Coconut Oil from Target

You can also order your coconut oil from Target, which also offers nearly 400 options to choose from. The pricing for the options available at Target is very similar to what is offered at Walmart. Varieties of the coconut oil available here range from unrefined, organic, unrefined and virgin, and even extra virgin options. You can get the product delivered to your home the same day or within five days, all depending on your location and of course the availability of the product itself.

Types Of Coconut Oil and Where Can You Get Them?

Modern techniques and literature suggest that there are nearly 12 different kinds of coconut oil available for direct human consumption or use. But what is important to note is that all these 12 types are derived from two main varieties that are refined and unrefined coconut oil.

These varieties are then bifurcated based on the method of extraction, the smoking point of the oil itself as well as the condition(dry or fresh) of the kernel from which it is extracted.

Coconut oil can be procured from different sources. Apart from getting it from your local grocery store, you can also order it online from the platforms that we have suggested and discussed above. Not only that it is also easily available nowadays in your local farmer’s market and certain varieties are also making it into drug stores as well as convenience stores. H

However, if you want to ensure that you are getting the purest form of coconut oil whether cold-pressed or traditional, we recommend that you order it from Baraka, to be satisfied with your product's performance as well as sourcing.

What Kind of Coconut Oil Is Healthiest?

Research suggests that the healthiest kind of coconut oil is the one that is organic, virgin, and processed in a manner involving the least amount of heat. When the variety of coconut oil is organic and virgin in nature one is satisfied that it is free from any harmful additives or preservatives.

And when the same variety is also cold-pressed using no heat, it relates that all the nutritional value and benefits of the oil are intact and have not been damaged by heat during extraction. When looking for the healthiest kind of coconut oil, focus on getting it from reputable processors or distributors, especially those that focus on fair trade policies and provide labels with the product.

Closing Remarks

Coconut oil not only has many health benefits but is also known in the skincare and beauty industry for its advantages when it comes to skincare. Its use as a part of your diet or beauty regimes can naturally give you good results without any side effects.

But just like with any other product whether you're using coconut oil for consumption or topical use, always consult your physician first. Additionally, also confirm that the coconut oil that you are using is organic and pure and is extracted in a hygienic facility that is food grade in category.

With different options available on the market, a lower price point or a fancier packaging might attract you towards a highly processed version of coconut oil that lacks the required nutritional benefits that you wanted to take advantage of in the first place. Therefore, do not compromise on the quality and purity of the product especially when it comes to the price point. And always look for an organic product with labels.


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