2022 Sod-Cutting Ceremony at the Konjiehi Women Enterprise Centre


The women of Konjiehi are getting a new Women's Enterprise Centre and Community Water Well thanks to you and others who purchase Baraka Shea Butter and other ingredients.

These hard-working women have been making Baraka Shea Butter for a number of years, starting in a small way and growing until the group of registered organic shea butter producers now numbers nearly 100 women and their helpers and families.

The new Enterprise Centre will be used for shea butter production as well as for other farming and related income generation activities. These improved facilities will help the women to earn more money from their work with Baraka and from the other activities they take on to earn income during the year.



Group picture - Staff of Baraka, Chiefs and Elders, women and children of Konjiahi community


The community water well will be enjoyed by the entire community. The original well was in decline and the water amount and taste was not good.

On the 2nd of September 2022, a sod-cutting ceremony was organized by Baraka Impact in collaboration with the leadership of the Konjiehi community. The ceremony gave the chief, queen mother, community elders, and the organic shea butter women cooperative of Konjiehi the opportunity to thank Baraka for giving a listening ear to their request. It also signified the grant of permission for the leadership for the commencement of work on the project.

We will be dedicating all the tips and Dignity of Income contributions from Sept and October to this project – and Baraka will match all contributions made by our customers.

The Chief was very emphatic when he said “The Community of Konjiehi belongs to us, but it also belongs to Baraka in equal Measure”

There was pouring of libation to the ancestors of the land to ask for protection, progress, and prosperity for Baraka in all its activities.


Detailed view of iron rod casting

Sufian - Mason handling Konjiehi Women's Enterprise Project



There were also speeches made by the Chief, Queen mother, and assemblyman of the community. The women leaders and “Makazie (leader of the women’s group)” of the cooperative added their voices to show appreciation and support for their work and the relationship between baraka and the community.

The Chief Naa addressed the celebration saying, “We can’t exhaust our thanks and gratitude to Baraka and its customers for this life changing initiative or for previous ones they have done. But allow me to say for saying sake that we are grateful and will continuous to be grateful for all that you are doing”

Queen Mother of Konjiehi added, “There couldn’t have been a better way. This facility is the best possible solution for my fellow women. What Baraka and its customers have started will change the lives of our women and children, giving them the dignity of income for years to come”

Assemblyman for the community - Osman Fatawu was emphatic, saying: “Thanks to Baraka for this huge investment. Since Baraka started working with the women of Konjiehi I have seen their lives and circumstances improve so much and this will improve it even more, especially for their children. I also want to thank and encourage all users of shea butter to continue patronizing Baraka. We have realized over the years that Baraka don’t just produce butter, they change and transform lives. We are ever grateful.”

Haruna Eliyasu, Baraka’s Manager, said “Baraka is fortunate to have communities like Konjiehi to work with. The women are hard-working, focused on quality and are great partners. We are proud that, through the support of Baraka’s customers, we can make this contribution to the women, their families, and the community”


Madam Gifty taking her turn at the sod cutting ceremony

Gravels at site for construction


Work on the site has since started with the building of the machine room and the construction of a wire fence around the facility. This will be followed by the construction of roasting, kneading, and boiling sheds as well as drying platforms.

A water well will be drilled to provide clean potable water for the shea processing activities and for community consumption.

Construction workers and labourers are all sourced from the community.

The centre is projected to open by early November.

Contribute directly to this project by adding a tip to your order or donate to the Dignity of Income Fund.

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