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We are marching into March with a new website!  So exciting. Thanks to all of you that beta-tested it and thanks to our team who made it happen.

It was the encouragement from many of you that led us to totally redoing the website.  So many of you said that our old site just wasn’t telling the story of Baraka Shea Butter and its impact very well.

Many of you said you wanted more information on Baraka, on shea butter and how it is made and used, on our work with women and communities in northern Ghana and more.  We have tried to build all that into the new site.

Let me take you on a tour of the new site.  

We have a bright new home page that I think you will like.  It has sliders – which I am still learning to update so bear with me please! ?  Scroll down on the home page to see our new social wall.  Check out all the links everywhere to help you zip around the website and out to the Baraka YouTube Channel and more.

About Shea Butter We have a whole new section called about shea butter.  It has sub-sections on; art of making shea butter, shea butter colors, double impact shea butter and using shea butter. It also has links to our blogs and the DIY shea butter centre where you can find recipes and more.  Watch for the blogs and recipes to migrate to our new site soon!

Women and Community  how we work with women and community  and how they are supported through your purchases of Baraka Shea Butter.  For sure this needed its own section.

We have organized it into six sub-sections that we hope do justice to the work that your support enables.  It starts with a sub-section on working with women and communities followed by sub-sections on community certified fair trade, children and education, economic development, environmental stewardship and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Who is Baraka  this is a whole new section that lets you know about Baraka, how we work and also gives you access to a new section called newsroom and resources.  Who is Baraka has a ton of information that lets you know about us as a business, what motivates us and how we try to be in the world.

It is divided into six sub-sections; about baraka, from our founder (that’s me! ?), purpose and values, why choose baraka, our customers and the newsroom and resources section

You definitely want to check out the Baraka Newsroom

It has tons of information and resources including Baraka Videos (about 20 now and more coming), access to past newsletters, press releases (content coming soon ?), the baraka blog, our DIY shea butter recipe centre and an expanded FAQ section

Private Label and Industrial Sales  over the last couple of years we have started supplying larger, more industrial customers who are recognizing the social and business importance of using pure, unrefined shea butter that has been brought to market in a way that creates benefit and impact for the women, families and communities that make it.

Many of these companies incorporate this impact into their marketing, helping their customers know the impact their purchases make.

At the same time, our expertise in working with shea butter and formulating and producing shea butter products is being sought out by businesses literally around the world and we are making and sending shea butter products to nearly a dozen countries now.

These larger customers help us to keep volumes up and prices reasonable for all customers, and they help us all to have more positive impact on the lives, families and communities of the hardworking women that make Baraka Shea Butter

We would love any feedback you have on the website, good, bad or anything.  Especially if you find anything that doesn’t work, or doesn’t display right.  Or anything from our old site that you wish we had kept.

Thanks again for your help and encouragement.  You really are the driving force of Baraka Shea Butter.

Wayne Dunn
Founder/Managing Director
Baraka Shea Butter


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