Does Black Soap Help with Acne?


Caused due to excess oil production or clogged pores, along with the presence of microbes on the skin, acne takes a toll on anyone's confidence and personality. With hundreds of remedies available to tackle this not only aesthetic but physiological issue, not all techniques or products produce results and some due to the high content of chemicals cause more harm than good in the longer run. Then what can one do to get rid of skin acne and gain back their confidence? The answer to this question is the use of African Black Soap, a one-of-a-kind skincare product that captures the secrets of  African beauty to give you flawless and acne-free skin.

What is Black Soap?


The origins of the black soap can be traced back to western Africa especially to countries like Ghana where it has been produced domestically for hundreds of years, due to its gentle cleansing properties as well as and bacterial action. The black soap is made from the ash of locally grown plants such as coconut trees, palm leaves, plantains, and even bark of some of these. This ash is then combined with indigenously grown cocoa seeds and then further natural ingredients with great skincare benefits such as Shea butter, Coconut oil, etc. are added to produce an all-natural, and vegan product.


How Does Black Soap help with Acne?

The use of Black Soap has been proven beneficial in helping with the reduction of acne and post-acne marks. The black soap can deliver these benefits and a treatment-based effect for acne due to the ingredients that it is made up of and as well as the organic process it goes through to come into form, which is free of harmful chemicals and synthetic dyes.

The reason that black soap helps with acne first starts with its pure and natural ingredients. These ingredients first and foremost do not aggravate the condition as they're all-natural and safe to use for all skin types, especially sensitive and acne-prone skin. The second main ingredient that brings about the benefit of black soap against acne is the ash from the plantain tree. The ash from plantain is rich in vitamins such as vitamin A and E, both of which have time and time again been proven to not only tackle skin aging problems but also help impart the required amount of moisture to the skin hence also controlling excess oil production. The presence of iron in this ash especially if did I derived from the bark of the trees, contains high levels of iron that help protect the skin from oxidative damage as well as repair the damage caused by harmful rays of the sun.

Lastly, with the addition of Shea butter and coconut oil, black soap also possesses anti-bacterial as well as anti-inflammation properties. While Shea butter helps calm down active acne due to its anti-inflammation properties, coconut oil works its anti-bacterial action and helps kill and get rid of microbes that caused acne in the first place. In some cases, the slightly rougher texture of the African soap also helps provide an exfoliating action to the skin that unclogs pores and gets rid of dead skin cells, which is another leading cause of acne.


Which is Better for Acne - Shea Butter or Black Soap?

While Shea butter’s anti-inflammation properties and high moisture content help tackle acne, black soap takes the lead here because not only does it possess all the good qualities of Shea butter when it is enriched with it, but it also had added benefits of exfoliation, antibacterial properties and the benefits of iron. This not only makes it a solution for acne but also is a multi-faceted skin care item that is the answer to a lot of other skin concerns by pigmentation, rough texture, or clogged pores. But if you only want to cure inflamed skin caused by acne and impart moisture then Shea butter is the right choice, and if you want to tackle a multitude of skin problems that you might be experiencing then we recommend that you go for the African black soap.


Best Black Soaps for Acne

Now that we know the benefits that we can derive from the black soap, we must know that from where we can source this all-natural product and what varieties are available out there. After all, this product will only be effective if it is 100% pure in nature and sourced right under fair trade practices to ensure quality. For this, we recommend purchasing your African black soap from Baraka, all-natural beauty and skincare products source and distributor that works in the heart of Ghana to not only bring you the gems of Africa but also help support the community there, which is pivotal to the existence of this miracle products.



The Baraka Original Crumble Bar is the African black soap in its purest and most original form. With no added extra ingredients for increased benefits, all you get is pure black soap that is sourced from Ghana. The best part is that it uses the by-products produced when making Shea butter hence you're also contributing to the environment when you purchase this product.



The Baraka Honey Turmeric Black Soap has all the benefits of the original African Black Soap along with the added advantages of turmeric, honey, and neem oil. While turmeric uses its antibacterial properties to fight acne-causing bacteria, honey alongside its antibacterial properties also acts as a humectant to retain moisture in the skin, and lastly, the neem oil helps repair parched skin due to its high vitamin E content. This is the perfect choice if you are suffering from both acne and the skin dryness that accompanies it in certain cases.



The Baraka Aloe Vera Black Soap harnesses the beauty benefits of the black soap and is enriched with aloe vera and neem oil. The aloe vera in the soap helps calm down the inflammation of the skin that is caused due to acne and hydrates the skin as well to maintain the moisture barrier. While the neem oil repairs cracked skin especially around the acne-affected areas thanks to its fatty acid content and presence of vitamin E. We recommend the use of this variant if along with acne, the inflammation and redness caused by it is a major concern for you.



The African Black Soap available at Baraka is not only the answer to your acne woes but is also a great product to include in your skincare regimen depending on your skin type. With the availability of different variants according to your skin concerns, it is not only suitable for different skin types but also caters to different aesthetic needs of the skin. We recommended that before using any of the variants, do consult your dermatologist. For further details and availability of other variants and specially priced bundles, kindly visit us at Baraka and enjoy the world of natural African beauty that was kept a secret for centuries and now is within your reach.


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