How does Cocoa Butter Remove Stretch Marks?


Cocoa butter throughout history has enjoyed very high regard not only in the beauty industry but in the culinary industry as well. It is known for its many beneficial properties and uses but what the majority of us regard it for is its ability to help diminish stretch marks and bring back that confidence in you that was once lost due to the appearance of not so aesthetically pleasing stretch marks on your skin.

Stretch marks, a seemingly skin-related problem that despite being physiological also has psychological impacts. Whether it be pregnant women, bodybuilders, or teenagers experiencing growth spurts, stretch marks cause low self-esteem and impact one’s social life. This is where the all-natural solution that we know as Cocoa butter steps in to help you get that once stretch mark-free body back along with your confidence.


What are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks (striae) are streaks on the body's skin that give an indented look. They appear usually appear on the thighs, abdominal area, upper arms, and buttocks. Their appearance varies in color from red to brown and even pale yellow or white at times. Although more common in pregnant women during their last trimester, stretch marks are also the dilemma of teenagers experiencing puberty, bodybuilders taking supplements to enhance their physique, and individuals will have rapidly gained or lost weight.

Although not harmful or painful in nature, stretch marks are more of an aesthetic issue that is caused when the body's skin stretches under different circumstances as highlighted above. The magnitude of the stretch marks depends on the amount of stress that is put on the skin as well as genetic factors and family history.


What is Cocoa Butter?

Cocoa butter is a naturally occurring vegetable fat that is extracted from cocoa beans. Producers and processors of the cocoa beans use drying, fermenting, and roasting methods to draw the maximum amount of cocoa butter from a bean for different uses, while the remaining shell and residue of the bean is processed into cocoa powder, which is an ingredient that is used in desserts to impart a chocolaty flavor. Apart from its uses in the cosmetics industry, cocoa butter is also the main ingredient for chocolate where it is mixed with cocoa powder, sweeteners, milk, and other stabilizers to develop one of mankind's most loved confectionery. 


How does Cocoa Butter Remove Stretch Marks?

Recent research has reported that cocoa butter has been used since 445 A.D due to its medicinal and health properties. Catechin a naturally occurring antioxidant is found in abundance in cocoa butter and hence imparts antibacterial properties to it. We will now look at how cocoa butter not only helps remove stretch marks but also improves our skin's health in general.

Of all the different kinds of naturally occurring butter, that are available for cosmetic use, Cocoa butter is the only one that has the penetration ability to reach down right to the middle layer of our skin known as the dermis.

The dermis is the layer that possesses the connective tissue, which is responsible for producing collagen and elastin, two of the most important proteins that help in skin regeneration and preventing and reducing stretch marks. Once cocoa butter is absorbed into the skin upon application it goes down to the dermis, where it nourishes the cells with vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin K and antioxidants. Once these vitamins are absorbed by these cells, they produce collagen and elastin at a rate higher than normal that in turn returns the elasticity of the skin, diminishes the stretch marks, and adds a youthful glow due to the presence of oleic acid in the cocoa butter.


While the vitamin A in the butter, adds moisture to the skin and gets rid of dryness, which makes it a must-have for winters to get rid of parched skin on hands and feet. But one thing that you must understand is that you can only benefit from these properties of the cocoa butter if it is not only pure in nature but is also safe to use and cosmetic grade without any harmful chemicals. To ensure that you're getting the best that is available we recommend that you make your purchase from Baraka, which not only promises the most responsibly sourced cocoa butter but also guarantees its purity.


Best Stretch Mark Creams

We will now look at the best stretch mark creams that are made of cocoa butter, which will not only help you reduce stretch marks which will also add moisture and plumpness to your skin.



Palmer’s award-winning cocoa butter massage cream comes with additional benefits of collagen, elastin, Argan oil, and Shea butter. It is free of harmful derivatives such as parabens and mineral oil. Not only is it approved by dermatologists, but it is loved by customers due to the additional presence of vitamin E in the cream that helps with moisture retention. A 125 grams tube is priced at $8 which makes it a budget-friendly option as well.



Loved by bodybuilders and expecting mothers alike, the Stretch Marks and Scars Defense Cream by Body Merry is a combination of cocoa butter, vitamin C, and vitamin E, that not only diminishes stretch marks but adds glow and imparts anti-aging properties to your skin. A 118 ml jar is priced at $18, which makes it another good mid-priced option.



A  pricier option where a 120ML tube is priced at $37, the Botanic Tree Cocoa Butter Stretch Mark Cream is a 100% vegan formulation made with cocoa butter, shea butter, and avocado along with the added benefits of vitamin B5, moringa, and olive oil, that harness a triple-action technology to tackle stretch marks, scars and prevent their recurrence. It is well recommended in the cosmetic industry for teenagers experiencing growth spurts and individuals who have developed stretch marks due to a sudden change in body weight.



Slightly on the pricier side where a 113 grams jar is priced at $25, the Belly Butter by Glow

Organics is loved by its customers due to its fast-absorbing nature and visible results. A potent combination of cocoa butter and shea butter work together to enhance the skin's elastin production to reduce the appearance of stretch marks as well as prevent them from reappearing in the future.



This retinol-free stretch mark vanishing cream is loved especially by postpartum mothers with caesarian deliveries as it also helps diminish surgery scars. It is suitable for all skin types and despite being a mixture of cocoa butter and jojoba oil, its consistency is light and quick-absorbing, more like a cream rather than a body butter, which makes it easy to use. It's priced in the mid-range where a 120 ml jar is priced at $18.

The Next Step

Cocoa butter with its beneficial nature and added aesthetic benefits is not only a well-recommended remedy for reducing stretch marks but also for improving skin quality in general. Just like any other product, we would recommend that you seek the guidance of her skin aesthetician before using cocoa butter or any of the suggested related products for reducing stretch marks or for imparting moisture to your skin as part of your daily skin regimen.

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