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At Baraka we enjoy working with our producing partners to help them with their community and development priorities. Your purchases from Baraka directly support development for the communities and families in Northern Ghana that produce our products.


As well as the socio-economic benefits that occur when we purchase local production, Baraka supports and facilitates other development efforts. We work directly and through partners to support meaningful local development. Some of the projects are outlined above (and none of them would have been possible without people like you, purchasing our products or purchasing from businesses that use our products).


Some customers have asked to be more involved in supporting development projects and have organized fund-raisers, donated directly, sponsored someone’s education, etc. That support makes a big difference and if you are interested you can donate directly by clicking donate button to right of this page.


We are a small business and our development projects are small but meaningful. They do make a real difference for families and communities and with people like you supporting our business and supporting the development directly we can help even more families and more communities.


A man was walking down a beach at low tide and picking up stranded starfish and throwing them back into the sea. Another man approached him and said that there were millions of starfish stranded out of the water and the little bit that the man was doing would make no difference. The man picked up a starfish and threw it back into the water and said 
- it made a difference to that one.

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