Pure, unrefined, hand-made, certified Fair Trade Baraka Shea Butter
(Organic & Non-Organic)

About Us

We are a small business located on Vancouver Island in Canada.


Our Mission: is to bring unique and high quality products to the global market in a fair, equitable and environmentally sustainable manner. By achieving this, we will create value for the entire supply chain, from the original producers through to the end users. More>>>


Our Principles: While our goals must be ambitious, we recognize that we will on occasion fall short of our aims. We strive for progress, not perfection, and welcome input from all stakeholders that can help us achieve more and do better. More>>>


Our Name: Baraka means thank you in Wali, a Ghanaian language with approx. 140,000 speakers in north-western Ghana. However, the word Baraka also belongs to other languages and cultures, bridging divides that exist in our world today. Other uses and meanings include: More>>>


Buying from Baraka means your money supports real community development. It also connects you directly with the producers, their families and villages. You are helping to create sustainable employment, and reduce poverty.


We want to grow our business in a way that supports our clients, the women and communities that produce our products and our own financial and economic needs. Customers and friends like you are important to making that happen. I hope that you will consider Baraka Supplies the next time you need Shea Butter or baskets. We would be thrilled to be your supplier of choice. If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything please be in touch


We are not experts at flashy online marketing, but we are working to learn how to operate effectively in this space. We do know our product and customer service. Please bear with us as we get better at online marketing and communications.


If you have anything at all that you would like to contact us about please email me personally – wayne@barakasupplies.com. I answer every email.

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Administrative Office:
2457 Bakerview Rd.,
Mill Bay, BC
V0R 2P4

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