Pure, unrefined, hand-made, certified Fair Trade Baraka Shea Butter
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Baraka Shea Butter - BC PST Exempt Collection AND Local Pick Up

For millennia, Ghanaian women have harnessed the wild Shea fruit, one of nature's best-kept secrets, to protect themselves from the blistering heat and hot, dry winds blowing off the Sahara. Little wonder that their skin looks so good! And it's no surprise that superior cosmetic companies are so keen to incorporate shea butter in their skincare products.

As with all truly natural products, traditional methods are always the best! Our Baraka Shea Butter is untainted by modern chemicals, and wild-crafted in the traditional way by the Wali women from northern Ghana.

No processing, no refining with added chemicals and no industrialized production methods! Baraka's product is quite simply as nature intends - fabulous, natural butter with just the faintest sweet aroma from the fires used in its preparation.

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